How has Donald Trump’s Presidency Changed Your Life?

Sal • One 💙, one 👼🏻, one 🌈 🎀, by ovulation induction after 2 failed IVF cycles 🤯 | Hypothyroidism & lean pcos 🤨

I want to hear stories about you and the people close to you. How has Donald Trump’s presidency changed your life, either for the better or for the worse? Think about things you can reasonably place at a President’s feet and ways you are affected personally (don’t point to all the other people you think are affected in x, y, z way).

For me:

..for the worse:

- My taxes have gone up, like a lot, because of his tax reform. And we’re not rich, but do live in a state with high local taxes that we can no longer deduct from federal taxes as much as we could before.

- My stress levels are higher, but that’s because of my political views. I disagree with so many of the things the president has said (about women, about white nationalism) and done policy-wise (immigration, climate, tax reform, just to name a few). Also, I do believe the federal government response to the pandemic is lacking (not enough testing, not enough protective equipment) and as the president I can lay some of that at Trump’s feet.

- but that’s it. Stress and taxes. That is my privilege. How have others been directly affected?

... for the better:

I am honestly now sure how my life has directly been made better, but I would really like to hear examples from other people and that might help me think of some!