I just had a feeling this would happen!! (new FRER)

I caved & bought one of these stupid curved FR's!! I've seen girls on here say they suck but what do I do? Buy it anyway. Thought I saw a faint line on a cheapie so couldn't resist using NO hold 6:30 pm urine on 11dpo 🤘🏼 LOL hateeeeeeeee myself. 
 I can't really even understand where exactly I'm supposed to see a line on this thing. The control line looks like it's in the middle!!!! F these new tests!! (It was the only one the store had - go figure!)
Of course I tweaked it (tried cause I really don't know how lmao) 
So what's the deal with these? Completely unreliable even in the time frame? (Pic taken when 5 min timer went off) I guess I'll use the other one with FMU and then burn the box out of anger 👍🏼