Huge to think that's why my head was killing me along with HCG hormones anyway question Whates with people who had children in the past

Maria • Love. I am a mother first💯
OK I need this to to be removed and I didn't need to do is tell me that it need to be removed so I went to the dentist office and I did not tell that I was pregnant and I got x-rays and I was right about my tooth and it was right on the nerve etc. and I got sedated and I got my tooth taken out and I feel a hell of a lot better now? I wonder if I'm going to be OK I would ultrasound on Monday to see my baby I hope it did not affect my baby but I really thought she have any infection in my mouth would affect my baby more than getting it pulled out so thank God it's out and I feel a lot better headaches are not as painful and I finally can get some rest now the question is since I'm all over the place LOL is my baby going to be OK