Looking for weight loss/ fertility clinic buddy

Hi everyone,
I've been TTC for 4 years. Every month, AF showing is heartbreaking. Went to the doctors and was referred to fertility clinic. They have run tests and just as I thought my husbad has perfect sperm and I'm the problem. 
I have a damaged ovarie and the other has pcos
​However they aren't willing to help until I've lost weight. I have about 28lbs to lose. I've always been happy with my weight as when I was smaller I had no breast and big hips so I thought I looked abnormal.
​However my husband and I want a baby more than anything so I guess it's the price I have to pay. 
​Is there anyone else out there is the same boat?  
​Or anyone who has been trying this long and having to seek fertility inbox advice? 
Want to motivate each other?  
​I'd love to hear from new friends 
​My email is samanthareynolds25@gmail.com