If You Can't Afford Medication....

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Ever heard of the phrase at the end of med commercials, "If you can't afford your medication, such and such company may be able to help"? Well it got me thinking about those of you that have had to quit your medications because you couldn't afford them! I'm from the US, so I'll be posting sites from there that you can go to that can help you qualify for aid for paying for your medications. If you are not from the US, let me know and I'll do a little more digging on the magic Internet. 
 Also, check with your doctor before using any generics or a new medicine! 
List of pharmaceutical companies  and the medicines they provide. There's an app for it to!
After doing this type in the maker of your medicine into google to see if there are assistance programs. Most pharmaceuticals do...
United States
Also check with your doctor to see if there are any mail order medicines. This can help reduce the amount you pay for your medications! You'll get a 90 day supply for significantly less than paying up front at your local drug store for a 30 day supply. Examples include CVS Caremark, Atena, and Walgreens. 
Hope this helps everyone in need!