Implantation Bleeding The Reality


So I’ve been trying for three years to get pregnant and finally in august I did. I got implantation bleeding that was pink with discharge when I wiped and a spot of red blood was on my pants one day since I had never been pregnant before I didn’t realise this is what it was. unfortunately it ended in miscarriage but I had really sore cramps in my stomach I new something wasn’t right and now I’ve just found out I’m pregnant again but this time I had brown old blood come out when I wiped one night and thought my period was coming but it didn’t this time my back is sore and only slight cramps in my stomach mostly at night. It is still really early days but ok so far! The reason I’m writing this is to let people know what’s normal for some might not be normal for others so if you get spotting and ask advice on here don’t rule it out as implantation bleeding because that was two pregnancy’s both different implantation colour and experiences please keep the faith until AF comes If it happened for me it will happen for you baby dust to you all x