Different sex drives - help 😢


Hello everyone,

this is kind of a "private" topic, but I was wondering, if anyone here has deal with different levels of sex drive. And if so, do you have any tips/how did you resolve the issue?

The thing is that my boyfriend and me have been together for a little over two years. First year+ was everything great, but lately we're struggling a bit in the sex area. We're talking once a week maximum (with emphasis on maximum), which wouldn't really bother me if there was some obvious reason to it. But there really seems to be no reason at all...he doesn't have a full time job (works 2-3 days a week), we're both very young (21 & 26), there absolutely isn't "initiative deficit" from my side, and nothing seems to consume our time more than usually. On top of that, he spends all his time playing games on his phone and seems to be a little more aggressive than usually. This starts to appear as a deal-breaker to me...is it bad that I feel this way? How did you guys solve similar issues? Or am I just overreacting and this is the way every relationship works after some time? I've already tried talking to him on many occasions but he obviously isn't the least bit bothered by this ☹️

Thank you for your help! 💛 (I'm kind of clueless here) 🤔