Early pregnancy spotting?

Hi mamas and mamas to be 😪 I'm coming on here very sad and freaking out. So I tested at 7dpo got a "pregnant" on a digital test been testing ever since , lines been getting stronger and stronger. I am currently 11dpo (11/7 ) and my expected period is monday (11/9)... everything has been perfect since I found out except I went to the bathroom just now and I'm starting to spot brown/pink... sometimes I have this before my period only once or twice have I ever seen this... its not ALOT but definitely was in my stream of urine and present when I wiped.. no cramps as I'm spotting, but I have been crampy that's what made me test in the first place.. I just want to make sure my rainbow is okay 🥺🥺 please tell me this is normal or if I should go to the ER.. scheduled doctors appointment is monday (day if expected period) sorry for the long story but I'm so desperate crying so hard I need answers please please