Just need to rant. 😠 My daughter was with her dad for what 5 minute??? Not even that! I'd literally gone into the kitchen to make a coffee.. I hadnt even turned the kettle on at this point and i hear a loud thump and our 8 month old screams i walk in and hes holding her grabbing his shoulder saying he fell?? Why is she crying then? I take her off him calm her down and hes there trying to get me to massage his shoulder cause he hurt it so badly when he fell off the bed🙄 i keep telling him hes lying... Why didshe scream? So i take her in the kitchen where theres good lighting... Move her hair and shes got purple bruises and a big fucking egg on her head!!! Im so mad!!!!

And before anyone says accidents happen... He lied about it & he was too busy playing a game