Vent - people giving unsolicited advice/opinions

Need advice - feeling like I’m getting pressure some friends. I live in a major city and most of our couple friends have decided they don’t want kids. (I am 32 they are 37-40). Which is awesome and I am super supportive. They love to party, go out, and of course they should! It’s been hard though because I met these girls through my now fiancé. Sometimes I feel like because they are his friends first they kind of discourage the “faster track” we are on.

So about me - I am 32 my fiancé is 37. We got engaged 3 months ago. Right after, I did a fertility consultation. After I was diagnosed with low AMH, my OBGYN told my fiancé and myself that we should start immediately because we want kids. We are excited but I feel like every time I talk to my girl friends here they say things like you just got engaged, like just enjoy this time. It’s insinuating I’m not enjoying my time - I am but I also I really want to try naturally and I won’t know our true situation if we don’t start trying.

I wish that they were more understanding/supportive instead of it feels like they are taking my fiancé’s stance which is hes ready but is nervous - also he’s hanging out with friends that are older and don’t have kids. (my OBGYN said every guy is like that in the beginning, nervous etc).

It makes me feel like I’m pressuring him or something or they think I am - it just sucks. We live in a tiny apartment and we want a home and a baby. Both of us and it’s a lot all at once I get that! We literally live in a nice basement lol. So comments like you just got engaged feel like the chill the fuck out comment rather than girl this the time comments.

I don’t want to get mad at these girls but I also am feeling like they don’t understand my situation at all.