I'm Worried

Hi everyone. So ever since my baby was around 3-4 months old, he loves things that spins. To be honest, his first proper toy was a toy that spins when you pull down on the ring.

When he was 4 months old he got a new toy which also spins and he just loved spinning the animals and the wheel 😂

Now at 17 months he just loves anything that spins.. To the point where he spins things with his arms. Anything. A sock, a blanket, a small stuffed toy etc. Sometimes he gives us these objects to spin for him when his arms gets tired and if we don't do it, he starts to cry. Recently he spins things whilst making an "nnn" sound. Sometimes when the laundry is being done, he'll sit there for like 5 mins watching the washing machine spin.

He can also get excited and flap his arms of sometimes doing that whilst making a panting noise like a dog with his eyes shut tightly. We brought his to a funfair last week and he had a blast lmao. He used to turn his tricycle upside down just to spin the wheels.

I'm just worried if these are early signs of autism or just things some babies do or if his introduction to spinning toys made him love things that spin. Yes I will speak to a professional but just want an opinion here, too whilst I wait.