Concerns and advice


Hello, so I’m 21 yrs old.

My spouse and I are trying for our first baby,

It’s only been 4 months of trying but I’m concerned.

I have irregular periods and have had them since high school (freshman year) and they are more then 3 months apart

They usually happen more like 5-9 months apart if any.

I went to the doctors to have a annual exam and

They mention it could be Pcos or a pituitary tumor ,

I went to the ER today for a Ct scan and nothing shows for a tumor (from what they could see) but said I need to follow up with my primary care to do a further examination since I had a seizure)

But I have no pcos sysmtoms other then my periods being off.

And when I went to my annual exam they put me on progesterone and said to take it for 10 days to forcefully start my period after that to track the next 14 days after my period ends

right now I am on my second day of my period and I have a heavy flow should I start taking ovulation test after I finish bleeding or starting from the 14th day after my period? 

Am I even able to get pregnant?

Has anyone ever been through that?

What’s something I can do to better my chance?

(I’m taking prenatal right now too)