My next journey

KaLeigh • Much love and Baby Dust🌈. Praying for our 🌈baby soon. 6 yrs ttc. One loss. Lossing hope.

Me and my husband have been ttc for 8 years. We had a lose in 2014 then in late 2019 I had a sac form but no yolk sac or baby. That sucked. They called it a chemical pregnancy. To see it be positive, get and ultrasound and then to find out no baby formed sucked! We have tired everything. Well not <a href="">ivf</a> or <a href="">iui</a>..... I decided if I ever wanted to be a mom shit had to change. Before i say want im so excited about let me say highest weight was 422.8lbs in 2017. In the summer of 2018 I weighed 298.7lbs. I lost 124lbs. Doing keto and exercising. I gained a good bit back due to depression and grief and by December 2019 i was back at 362lbs. I am an emotional eater. I tired to get pregnant in 2019 and nothing was working. No meds. NOTHING. It took a toll on my body mentally, emotionally, and physically. I just wanted so bad to be a mom but honestly i was not healthy. Then my doctor suggested weight loss surgery because my thyroid was against me and im still fighting with it. Hypothyroidism is no joke y'all. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Anyways in June I started the 3 month program and after doing everything I needed to do including losing 33lbs i got in. My paperwork was sent to insurance Monday and i got the call today. I WAS APPROVED! I will be having the gastric sleeve surgery done on November 18th!! My heart cries with joy. It is not going to be easy. (Like some say its the lazy and easy way) I've tired everything else. Its going to take dedication and it will be a dramatic life change. Im anxious but i am beyond happy. I am ready to see where this journey takes me. Im ready to be healthy and im ready to have a baby!!! Hoping this kicks diabetes and Pcos ass all the way to timbuckto! Prayers please.