Sooooo, there's no pretty way to talk about this, BUT I have an issue, so I'm just gonna jump in. My period used to be like a finely tuned machine. Regular flow, no spotting in between, annoying but not crippling cramps, 4-5 days of bleeding, then done. But, since I got the paragard IUD (over a year and a half ago) I have had THE WORST periods of my life. I'm talking cramps that put me on the floor in the fetal position, bleeding thru a super plus tampon in 20 minutes, spotting days before and after, and sometimes constant bleeding for up to 8 days. My old GYNO said it was fine and it's just my body adjusting, but this doesn't feel normal. Does anyone else have these problems? If so did your GYNOs do anything to help? IS there anything to help? I'm a mom and I work full time, I can't afford to be knocked on my ass for over a week every month anymore.