Ask Me Anything!

Jessica • Ttc 2nd child
Hi so I wanted to start a thread for people to ask advice and questions! I'm very honest, open and non judgmental. I feel I know a lot, have been through a lot and I am easy to talk to and very intelligent. I'm not sure if anyone will participate but I would love to have my own thread and give my best advice to people that want advice or another persons opinion! If I don't know the answer I will either do some research or state that I don't know this topic well and promise to never try to mislead anyone. I have done a lot of research on ttc and have a child. I've also experienced a lot in my life. I'm really cool, down to earth and love helping others any way that I can! My brain analyzises things from different points of views and just trying something new... No topic is off limits just have respect and I will do the same in return! Please no negativity or rude comments on this thread. I have considered starting a blog and writing about different topics, such as herbal remedies or health and beauty topics and other things. I'm always researching different topics and trying new things... If anyone wants to know about me just ask! I also know a lot about sex and different techniques, tips, tricks etc. love, life, loss