Need clarification

laura • Sc laurabethlol

Me and my childhood friend just reconnected and I think I could be over thinking things 🤦🏻‍♀️ warning long post but I need help

So around Halloween we started talking again like a lot then we had a sleep over come to find out we are both dealing with emotional stuff and going thru similar problems so <a href="">eve</a> been talking a lot well the last time I spent the night things where fine until I called home seeing if I could stay one more night and come back early in the morning we’ll my mom was mad about a lot of things so she took it out on me (as usual I’m usually always a punching bag to everyone and I’m always doing something wrong or not enough) so of course the rest of the night I’m emotional and not as fun. The next morning she was taking me home and things where pretty quiet and it seems like ever since then she didn’t reply as quickly as she used too I mean she still reply’s but sometimes she don’t answer everything I ask it’s just half. And just a few minutes ago I asked if she was doing anything on the weekend (plus some other things) and she answered some but not about the weekend I really don’t have any friends besides her and I can’t handle any more emotional games I deal with enough and then some on a daily basis to the point I have to take a brake and cry alone somewhere cuz there’s a lot to deal with and now this. I don’t feel comfortable talking to her bout it cuz I don’t want there to be problems if there isn’t any. She does work a lot and can’t have her phone unless she’s on a brake and I understand that. What do y’all think is she pulling away again or am I being dramatic and over thinking things. I don’t want to be that kind of person but this is how I feel and need help..