Trying to conceive


Hey ladies!

So this is my first time posting on here.

First I'd like to congratulate all of you ladies who have been trying to conceive for awhile and were finally blessed.

And now for my venting, but also looking for advice.

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a little over 2 years now. And the NUMBER ONE thing I hate to hear (especially from someone who has never had difficulty getting pregnant) is "Oh hun, you're just trying to hard and stressing yourself out."

Like what are we supposed to do wear condoms & take birth control?

I'm sorry but when you want a family what else are you supposed to do or think about?

So now I want to ask for any advice on getting my mind off of it every month. What can I do to help me not obsess over trying to get pregnant?


Back in August of 2018 we started with saying whatever happens, happens. 6 months later nothing happend so I started to track my cycle. Eventually started using the ovulation kits. Gave up on those after 3 months. And then started taking prenatals. Flash forward to 2020, we went to a specialist to get tested to make sure everything was healthy and working properly. Tests came back normal. So my doctor had me start taking clomid, which I've been taking since June 2020. And here we are 5 months later and just got a negative test.