Advice /opinion needed

I just need some advice /opinions because I am worried. I have been on the Norethindrone mini pill for about 5 months. About a week and a half ago I experienced a 3 day withdrawal bleed. On day two of it I was late taking my minipill for about 4 hours but took it at like 10 (instead of at 6 like usual ). I was supposed to use backup birth control for 48 hours. We didn't have condoms so day 1 we used pull out method and then day 2 sometime we didn't use anything. I read online that I was supposed to wait a full 48 hours so the pill has time to thicken cervical mucus to prevent pregnancy. I'm just wondering what the chances are that I could end up pregnant since I didn't wait the full 48 hours. (I was taking the pill at regular time during the 2 days after I was late taking it). Is it possible to get pregnant if I am late taking pill and basically had unprotected immediately after withdrawal bleed?