3 yo sleep 🆘

My 3yo is giving me the worst trouble sleeping. It is so frustrating & honestly just plain annoying. He used to sleep from 8pm until 7:30-8am. We already went through the regression right when he turned 3, it was AWFUL. He gets lots of outside time, he doesn’t nap anymore. He’s exhausted... but won’t sleep. Wakes multiple times a night. Wakes up at like 5:45 just to whine & flail around in bed to be dramatic. 😒. If he was genuinely upset, or sick or something I obviously wouldn’t be annoyed by it. But he’s not, trust me. It’s a fake cry, which I think is what I find so irritating about it. I also have a baby who doesn’t sleep through yet, close, but not quite. So I really count on being able to sleep but he keeps me up with these shenanigans & I’m just drained & straight up annoyed. Anyone have any advice or insight going through this?

Also he’s not waking up when the baby is, meaning he’s not being woken up by it.