I'm SO pissed!

This is a hard one to write..

To sketch the situation : I have a husband, he had 3 sons from his previous marriage, we have 1 baby together.

I stand on being correct and loving and everything I can be for the kids because I had a shitty stepmom who would fight my dad over my food costing money and I shouldn't be in her house because it ruined her bathroom schedule. SO I'm big time sensitive about some of these things.


So today my husband asked me what we would do for dinner.. And we're having a seriously busy week.. So I asked him to take out mac&cheese we could just heat up, cause I was in the mood for that. But he brought too little I asked him why, he said he wasn't too hungry and he was eating leftovers from the day before.

So while he played video games with the kids I was heating up the mac&cheese.

It's done, we set the table..

He wants to scoop up the plates and refuses my plate.

The mac&cheese wasn't going to be enough for everyone to have seconds and thirds so he and I were eating the leftovers.. I asked for a little scoop because I was really in the mood for mac&cheese and then at least I got a little taste of it and he got angry at me because the kids need to come on the first place, them being fed is more important, also not to mention he did that in front of the kids.. Then reluctantly gave me a scoop anyways..

Now I feel really shitty, and pretty pissed with my husband.. I don't want the kids to feel like I don't want them to have the food. We also have plenty money he should have just gotten more mac&cheese.

I wonder how he would feel if I asked him what he wanted for dinner, got that and then tell him he couldn't eat it but watch others eat it.

Not to mention he knows I would save the food of my plate to feed them if necessary but honestly.. They did get seconds and thirds even with my little scoop gone..