Feeling so scared and sad - UPDATE


In a couple days I have to get two lumps in my breast biopsied and I'm so so scared of the results. I'm so depressed and anxious, I don't even know what to do. My chest aches from the worry. The waiting is making me crazy.

I noticed a lump a few weeks ago so I went to my OBGYN, who thought it was just a cyst but recommended an ultrasound anyway. At the ultrasound, they found that not only is it not a cyst, there's a second, more suspicious mass next to it. They did a mammogram and next is the biopsies. I'm 33 and the doctor has told me that it's unlikely to be cancer for someone my age but I can't help but be terrified. I just keep thinking about my sweet February baby and how much he needs me.

I would appreciate any good vibes/prayers/encouragement you can spare. It will be at least another week until I know 😩

UPDATE: Got my results back and everything came back benign! Thanks for your nice words and prayers everyone, it really did make me feel better ❤️

It’s a good reminder to get yourself checked out!