Curious Cramps

Hello all, I apologize in advance for the long post.

My husband and I have been TTC for a little over a year now, I've had regular periods and OPK testing is almost always exact every month, maybe off by a day. With that being said, I was suppose to start my period today 11/30. The beginning of 11/27 I've had slight food aversion and nausea, but I pushed it off to be because of Thanksgiving and I ate too much? Or something. Then the 28th started with slight cramping, ok? Maybe my period starting early? But nothing. The 29 some slight cramping, but nothing. And now the 30th, slight cramping more in my back, kinda like an ache. AND, this morning I absolutely couldn't finish my cereal I thought I'd puke it up and just ate dinner, the exact same thing. So, no period, food aversion, almost puking, fatigue? I took a test just to see, its negative.

Even though, im trying so hard not to get my hopes up. Is it normal to slightly cramp with early signs of pregnancy?

P. S I just need to vent honestly, because I want to pour my heart out to my husband but he will immediately get excited thinking that I am and if im not, I can't stand to see when he gets crushed by the negatives too. He tries so hard to be supportive and cheery but I know it hurts him too. Thank you all so much if you've made it this far with my blabbering ❤