Self centred

My roommate is coming off antidepressants so has been taking sick days from work and spending most of her time in her room. Her boyfriend is coming over everyday and spending time with her hidden in her room . I’m working though some stuff which is making my trigger of being unexpectedly alone / a quiet house and feeling left out worse. So I want her to be doing better so I see more of her ( I see her boyfriend more than her) and I’m not irrationally tip toeing around my home not feeling comfortable living here. It’s like I don’t know if she is home or if she is trying to sleep (so if I’m too loud), and I know she likes things clean/ not cluttered but she has been leaving the common areas like that which bugs me because then I feel like I should clean it to help her but I don’t want to.... plus I’m trying not to but my feelings tend to be the same as the people around me (I take on other people’s things and put them before my own to the point of hurting myself to try to help others which hurts both of us).