Was I wrong?

I was on a dating app a few months ago and I started chatting to a guy who I was very interested in. We talked for a few months and planned to meet after lockdown. I deleted the app and had his Snapchat so we were still talking. My mental health got really bad and I cut everyone off including him. I joined the dating app a few days ago and he text me again, wanting to meet up this time so i agreed to meet up today. But there’s been another guy I’ve been chatting to who claims to really like me. Me and guy number 2 were chatting this morning and he asked what my plans were today. I didn’t wanna lie to him so I was honest and said I was gonna meet up with someone else. He replied “Oh Ok”, I didn’t say anything back because I didn’t want to make it awkward. A few seconds later he text “have fun”, I said “thank you” and he replied “I’ll leave you to it, I don’t want to be disturbing you”. I text back ‘Alright 😊’ and he opened and didn’t reply. He usually sends cute emoji’s but he didn’t in any of the texts. Was I wrong to be honest?