Hey ladies,

I’m feeling a bit lost. I’ve been with my boyfriend almost 2 years, we have just started at the same university and are in the same friend group, we have all just put a deposit down on a uni house for next year but I’m feeling unsure about me and him. I love him so much but I get really paranoid and anxious from being in bad relationships in the past, I overthink literally everything. He has done a few things that have made me worry in the past 2 years but my friends have said he’s not been unloyal and it’s just things I’m overthinking for example him searching a girl up on Instagram I would overthink that and think if he was cheating (silly I know) when I worry he is so helpful, he will talk me over the events, apologise if he’s made me anxious, and will go to lengths to make sure I don’t worry e.g deleting a social media app so I don’t worry. He showers me in love, tells me I’m beautiful and how hes lucky to have me, he said he wants future with me and I mean the world to him.

I just need some relationship advice

Is it normal for your boyfriend to make mistakes in a relationship- he’s never cheated or messaged a girl but little things? What are red flags in a relationship? When do you know if someone is lying or unloyal?

P.s all my friends and family love him they said I make a mountain out of a mole hill and they said they would tell me if they didn’t think he was good because they want the best for me

Thank you