Sleep time and a high crier


Hey mommas I need advice or validation or something. I have a 6 month old. Bed time has always been rough for us. But the past month he just cries so much for bedtime. 30mins to 3 hours. I’ve tried rocking him, warm bottles, nighttime gripe water, crying it out, reading and singing.. I’m taking him to a chiropractor next week. He has no real reason to cry. Like he’s fed and changed and no gas. He’s teething a little bit but I have numb stuff for him. My doctor told me I should just let him cry it out in his crib, because no matter what he’s going to cry and at least that way I can walk away and breathe instead of getting worked up. So moms that have heavy criers.. what do you do to get thru this? He doesn’t sleep thru the night. He fusses the whole time. Doesn’t even sleep good in bed cuddling with us. I feel like I’m losing it and just want to know if anyone else has been there. Am I a bad mom for leaving him to cry?