Need help to glow up!!!


I know a lot of people will just tell me to b happy with who i am and live myself more but ive tried to and i dont know how because nothing seems to be working...

I feel like the only way to make myself happy with how i look is if i have a glow up!! I dont have much money and im only 16 but if anyone has any helpful advise or recommendations for things to make me look and feel better PLEASEE let me know🙂

My mental health is so bad I literally try so hard to make myself feel pretty or just better. I have tried the whole looking in the mirror and calling myself beautiful gorgeous and all that but i always end up in tears because no matter what i say its always in the back of my head that im lying and i cant help it but if i have a glow up i feel like it might help even just a little bit and i might be able to find some truth in what im trying to tell myself

(P.S if anyone is interested in helping me glow up over time please ask fir my socials so we can stay in touch🥰)