So last July I went to a small get together , I didn’t know the group of people but I went with a guy friend I knew he invited me. His friends and him handed me two shots( I should have been there when they were making my drink). I’m a light weight but I have NEVER been blacked out especially with two shots waking up not knowing where I was at . One thing led to another I got raped long story short. My mom drove me to the hospital to get a rape kit down because the police officers didn’t believe me. I stayed in my room for a whole week didn’t want to eat crying constantly my mom had to watch over me because she knew I was not in the right state of mind I didn’t get help after this whole thing happen it’s still traumatizing. Anyways, I feel really useless in my own body especially since it got violated . This might sound bad I been coping with having sex left and right I feel VERY numb like it’s my own fault this whole thing happen and I blame myself that I went to that get together. Has anyone gone through this?