Would this make you consider counseling for you child?

My daughter is 6 and has always had a fear of death and her loved ones dying. I know that’s a pretty common fear for children but it would just consume her. She would just randomly start crying saying “I don’t want you guys to die!” But she says the saddest things. She told my mom one time “you must have a really good life because you don’t think about dying like me.” And this morning my mom said she woke up mumbling “What’s the point of life” I think maybe she got this from my husband, he watches philosophy videos that she might have over heard. My husband said when he was her age he used to ask questions like “why do we work if we’re just going to die anyways” so maybe it’s genetic?? I don’t remember being so gloomy as a kid though. Should I look into getting her a counselor? My husband doesn’t think so

Also I would like to say, she’s not like this all of the time. She’s a typical kid in most regards. She loves unicorns and rainbows and she has wanted to be a vet when she’s older since she was like 3. She has animals and babies that she loves to take care of. She loves playing outside. I just don’t know if this is normal kid thoughts or if I should get her help. What would you do?