What has 2020 taught you to appreciate ?


I know 2020 has sucked for everyone including myself , all the stress the financial strains .. I’ve lost over 6 people this year to COVID that I personally know. Including the financial stress and burden also bringing a baby in the world in middle of all this madness. I myself know countless number of people who have lost income jobs and some careers and are struggling to pay rent, keep food on the table, or maybe losing their houses 🏡. It is truly 😢 awful and often times disheartening. I just want to take the time out and appreciate what has 2020 taught you to appreciate. I know one thing I appreciate is that I WILL try my best to be prepared for the next one I’m stocking up on toilet paper Lysol and hand sanitizer and bleach 😂😂 another gift is the fact that I have conceived and carried my baby is truly a blessing.