Let’s chat... How do you feel about PDA?

So me personally, I don’t care if other people are doing PDA like, if that’s how you show/give affection and it’s making you and your significant other happy then by ALL means do it, I support you! However, when it comes to me and my personal relationships (romantically) I get really uncomfortable when my significant other is steadily trying to kiss/caress...etc me wherever we’re out in public together. I also know that I’m a pretty introverted/reserved person so I tend to prefer not drawing any attention to myself/anyone I’m with whenever I’m out in public. On the flip side though, whenever I’m alone/in private/at home, I absolutely love physical touch and physical affection. So basically I’m asking if anyone else relates to this and if so, why do you think you feel the way you do?

(Also is this like normal lol? I’m trying to see if I need to do some self work or anything about this).