After a year of being ignored and begging


My husband finds me attractive again and cant get enough of me, but I already bought dildos, vibrators, discovered being bisexual and read about having threesomes. He just want to do missionary and doggy style once every 2 weeks.

I asked him today how he would feel about swapping partners with a couple (hypothetical because we have no couple friends) he said he was sick to his stomach at the thought of me being with another man. He said he’d rather do a threesome with me and another woman, like I have mentioned before. Which killed the fantasy for me.

Im tired of regular sex. Ive bought lingerie, lit candles, played music and set an animated fireplace on the TV and the sex was still so regular. Ive tried to show him what I like but he just doesnt like the same stuff. When it comes to head, he is not that good, but i always try. Hes never made me cum in our entire relationship.

Im the first an only woman hes ever been with, sex has never been something he was interested in before and still isnt as relevant now. Im just depressed wondering if this is gonna be the rest of my life. I love him as a provider and a best friend, but now im the one who doesnt find him sexually attractive anymore.

Theres more too this story as well, like his back issues that started up 2-3 months ago and me getting pregnant around that same time, but that just makes things even more inevitable.