Boyfriend's roommate

My boyfriend lives in an apartment with this girl. I don't really mind. I was jealous at first but I've learned to trust him. Thing that bothers me about her is that she's a huge hoe. She has different boys over there every weekend. My boyfriend doesn't really say anything because he works Monday-Friday and goes to school. He said she respects him enough not to bring people over when he has work and school so what she does on the weekend is free game. I'm always over there on the weekend and I don't want to here the damn bed squeaking while she's fucking someone in the bedroom, when I'm trying to watch movies with my boyfriend. It also makes it hard for me and my boy to have sex because the thought of them being there makes me uncomfortable. So she's messing up me and my boyfriend's sex life. I live with my parents so its not like I can just go over there if we want to have sex. I don't get why she needs to bring boys over and I find it disrespectful to me and my boyfriend. Should I pull her aside and say something to her?