I’m innocent

So I’m 20 and still a virgin. I’ve recently tried to start dating and well it’s been kinda difficult when most guys want sex. (Also I grew up in a strict house hold so I wasn’t aloud to date in high school.) I don’t even really know how to make out.... I honestly just want to have sex and get it over with. I recently tired dating this one dude and at first when we were talking he was really sweet and kind however when we decided to meet he didn’t reply back for 2 hours. (We agreed to meet at 7 he messaged back at 8 and then tried to get me to meet him at a park🙄) he acted like it wasn’t a big deal. Either way I got over it well he messaged me the next day and ask for a quickie.( I had already told him before we decided on meet that I wasn’t that type of girl which he said he wouldn’t push for anything) either way I said no and blocked him. I guess what I’m trying to say do I need to make it clear that I’m a virgin or just honestly get it over with. Help!