Mix3d signals??? Help

I think I’m just so disappointed at myself more than anything. Been dating this dude for like 3 years now. Most of the time it’s great, brilliant. I feel like I’m the only girl in the world. Other days (been happening lately) I feel like I’m just a 9am-5pm to him. We don’t live with each other but we talk/and or text everyday. I’m cool with not texting every few hours because we both work and we can get busy. But it annoys me when he doesn’t text me for like 12 hours plus. And it’s always after those days I feel like I’m just doing too much. Any advice on what I should do? Anything I can change to do differently? Some days I wanna give up, call it quits, some days I just love the shit outta him. 😫 so my little feelings are going crazy right now. It’s like what’s with these mix signals? Do you want me or not? 🥵