Quitting after maternity leave

I absolutely hate my job, I can’t imagine going back to it after my 12 week leave. I live in WA state where we have paid family leave. I know I have to go back for a period of time so I don’t have to pay back my health insurance etc, but does anyone know for how long? A month? Longer? Anyone have experience with this? It will be financially difficult, I know this and don’t need those comments. My husband has a decent job and I am only still working now for my health insurance and so we can buy a house soon. My mental health is deteriorating at this job and that is more important to me than money. I do plan to work after my child is maybe a two years old but I can’t stand the thought of leaving my 3 month old to return to something that makes me miserable. Plus I don’t want anyone else watching my child. Yes I will be a FTM but I’m 32 and will likely not have another baby because pregnancy has been so difficult for me. I want to be there for every little moment.