I called poison control last night freaking out (I fell asleep on the toilet)


So this is like really embarrassing, like shameful. I have been prescribed Xanax for probably a year now and it’s stayed at the original dose the doctor put me on but I’ve lost 60 lbs and I am also on Zoloft so it’s been helping me and I don’t take the Xanax as much now so that means a lower tolerance. Sometimes at night when I can’t sleep, I will take a 1 and a half of the original dose, like I can’t take the original dose I was put on which is 2 pills so I half one. It makes me sleepy enough to actually fall asleep. If I take 2 full pills I will fall asleep standing up. no... no..

Last night I made a mistake. Like... oh my god. So I forgot I already took one dose of Xanax and took a second dose. I took 4 pills all together.

I almost shoved my fingers down my throat to make myself throw it up but I just called poison control and they told me to just prepare for a good nap and that it wouldn’t kill me but I’d definitely be very asleep soon. So when I knew I was safe, I relaxed and put my pajamas on and got the bed ready and went to pee before laying down.

Y’all I fell asleep on the toilet. Then I woke myself up and I was like oh my god I’m literally on the FUCKING TOILET and I got up and I felt like I was dragging my body full weight to the bed. My soul was dragging my corpse around lmfao that’s what it felt like

Oh my god dude. It’s funny looking back but it’s funny in a disturbing way. I bought a pill planner today guys, I will not do this again. I can’t believe I fell asleep on the damn toilet

This is extremely embarrassing lol don’t roast me too hard please