First miscarriage and questions

Tori • Baby Kinlee due 12/17.
So yesterday at 5:30 am I was 5 woks and 2 days. When I got up to kiss my husband goodbye before he left for work and I felt a gush. When I checked to see what happened I saw blood all over my fingers. The dr did a scan and checked my levels, no baby an my hcg was at 10. Very devistated even though we have a son we really wanted to expand. We're 20 and just don't understand why us.... Is this really the last of our baby!? When the cramps and bleeding stop will there really be nothing to show if our angle?   How do you cope! How much time is appropriate to take off of work? When will I stop crying myself to sleep in his arms at night? Part of me wants the bleeding to end and the other part doesn't. It's the only proof of our baby!