Would you stay married with someone who didn’t support your career choice?!

Like if you want to be a singer or if let’s say you started making money out of YouTube and doing collabs but it seemed like he was like a little jealous of you. I started a clothing buissness and lashes and he doesn’t want me to do that I won’t sell lashes for that long because I will focus more on my customized clothing and selling bags. I will just keep selling lashes for a short period of time but umm he only gives me $25 once in a while to buy food when he goes to work and we have a 1 year old daughter my mom baby sits her a lot and doesn’t ask for money he doesn’t pay for that. Me and my husband live with my grandma and my son from my ex he doesn’t pay rent so he said he will put me in the taxes and give me money to get my surgery that I been wanting a lipo and bbl in Miami so the thing is is he says he will give me the money that’s mines and some of his maybe he said a bit and our daughters money he will save up. I told him the cost of surgery is four thousand dollar an something and he said to expensive for real guys I never knew he was like this I order clothes sometimes with money my grandma gives me and he gets mad everytime I order clothes he says why have so many clothing: I asked him once for an $80 jacket that was first $100 but price went down he said to expensive. And I just started my business I’m not doing that much from that or YouTube but I’m starting to make a bit my grandma ordered me boots because he didn’t buy me any for Valentine’s Day he hasn’t given me shit or my birthday my birthday is coming and Christmas hey he won’t give me shit. And honestly is he is going to be talking about to expensive this and that I will travel alone to get surgery in a few months and save up what I can to get a nurse. and I will also start pet sitting at my house hopefully if I get the job since I’m an animal lover so I could make extra I’m married but have a husband who doesn’t give a shit about my career and I learned that one cares more about what you want then you. We can’t move out because he says $1,000 rent is too much and wants to find two bedrooms for $500 that’s impossible at least here. My cousin has a husband who supports her with her buisness and even helped her buying her her stuff. I’m learning that if you don’t feel supported either emotionally or whatever it’s not worth it. He says he loves me but fuck that.

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