Is he violating the Order for protection ??

He sent our neighbor to ask me for his clothes so i said ok packed it In a bag & gave him. Then he lets his brother wife another day call me & ask for his work clothes I’m like I don’t have them.... another day his brother wife knocks on my freaking door asking for his work clothes again I’m like I do not see them! Like wtf the day he went to jail is the day he worked he went to work with his work clothes Idek why he keep asking for something that’s not even here!

So today he actually brings a police officer with him to allow himself to come in the house and check everywhere for his clothes... he couldn’t find it so he asks the officer if he can press charges if I throw out his clothes he is just soooo pathetic makes me sick..

I almost started to feel sympathy for him and not continue with the final restraining order which would be forever on him permanently and settle for the civil restraint but he just really really has something against me! Like how can u watch your pregnant fiancé which you been hitting on with our other daughter and wanna press charges he literally caused all of this to happen. Seeing him made me feel disgusted I almost didn’t even recognize him..

I did not know he can bring police around just to get next to me or come for his things since when we’re there any exceptions? Anyways I felt violated like all of this is just so stressful.