Loosing 10 pounds PP

Okay, I need some advice on how to loose 10 pounds within 1-2 months time. Before I had my daughter I was 150 pounds- 5’2 and I hated my body. I gained 27 pounds with my daughter and had her November 2019.

Fast forward to April 2020 with breast feeding and focusing so much on getting a routine down I lost all my baby weight and then some- I was 138 pounds at my lowest and seriously loved my body. I felt so confident and happy.

THEN I GO ON BC AND IT ALL GOES TO CRAP. I now weigh 148 pounds and hating my body all over again. I have been counting my calories for the past month. I never go over 1300 in a day, normally it’s below 1200. I fast from 8pm- noon the next day. The lowest I’ve gone was 145.8 pounds. But I’m not seeing consistent results, and I feel like I retain so much water weight!

I used to work out all the time before my daughter. I tried a few times to do light exercises at home but I seriously cannot. I’m out of breathe and tired after the first set! It’s like my body is working against me😩

Idk what else to do, I just need help! I want to feel myself again!