Pelvic pain, lightening crotch or a pulled muscle?


Ftm and 27 and 5. Was walking the other day and felt extreme sharp pain in lower groin that stopped me mid stride and has been ongoing for two days. The pain is preventing me from walking and only hurts when I move. Did get tested for uti and waiting results but the pain is very very low in pubic area I can’t see it being a uti.

My question is for those who have had lightening crotch or pelvic pain what did it feel like and where exactly? Not sure if I pulled a muscle or if that’s possible since its so low in the crotch- any info would help to see if I’m worrying over nothing hah

Side note: not worried about baby, he’s moving lots and no extra discharge or issues just a sharp pain that’s not in my abdomen or uterus or anywhere baby related