Confused and annoyed!

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I went off the pill end of March/beg of April.  My first cycle was 28 days, then 37, 34, and last month 32.  I was thinking I was getting more regular with my cycle going down in length but now this month I'm currently on day 37 and still no AF!  I've tested the past couple of days with nothing but BFNs too :(  I know it takes time to regulate after being on birth control (I was on for 7 yrs) but is it normal to get a shorter cycle and then longer again?!  I have tender breasts, sore nipples, cramping, gas, and all the symptoms of starting but nothing yet for days!  I just want AF to show her ugly face so I can get on with another month of TTC!  I'm so anxious I want to go to Urgent Care for a blood test today even though I know I should just be patient and wait ???