Anxiously waiting!!

At the age of 14 I was dx with having PCOS. Last year my husband and I wanted to have a baby. We went to the doctors and after having a bunch of test done the doctor put me on clomid. We got pregnant first try. 😜😊. One day at work I started to bleed heavy, so I left work early and went straight to the hospital. I was an emotional wreck. The took me to have an ultrasound done and found that I was having twins. "OMG what will I do with two ?" I said out loud. Nonetheless, I was happy that my babies were fine. Months passed and my babies were growing healthy. I even bought a Doppler and would fall asleep listening to their hearts beat. It sounded like galloping horses. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. My emotions ran high during my pregnancy and had a lot of stress from work and family. On the evening of Dec 27, 2014 I was sitting at home with my mom about to eat some chicken penne vodka when I all of the sudden began to feel pressure in my lower back and nausea. My mother insisted I go to the hospital and so we went. To make a long story short, on dec 28 I had just made 20wks and had to deliver my girls vaginally. They were too young to have a chance. I lost my angels. It was so devistating to me and I became severely depressed and angry. It's almost a year later and my husband and I are giving it another try. I started the clomid 5 days ago and the doctor has also had me on metformin which I am still currently taking and will be taking throughout the pregnancy to reduce miscarriage. I am so anxious to find out if I am pregnant or not. I am praying that I am and that I get to bring my baby or babies home this time. Wish me luck.