Advice on progesterone

Faithfully ttc
I have irregular cycles so when my doc told me to take progresterone after I O I was full of questions as to how to determine when I O. She told me to wait for the egg whites, that would be the best indicator. 
I got what I thought was fertile cm a few days ago and so I felt, to be on the safe side, I should start taking the meds. I started 2 nights ago. Today I decided to take my last OPK as I had the urge to POAS and I know it's way too soon for hpt's. I got a positive result. Checked my cm, got the egg whites. 
Is it possible I O'd even after taking the progesterone? Is it possible to get fertile cm twice in one cycle? 
Here is my OPK and my temp chart which makes to sense to me at all. Would appreciate any knowledge you ladies would be willing to share. Thank you :)