Do tampons make your cycle last longer?

Cheree • 23. Pastry Chef.

Or am I just crazy? Can't find any definitives online. Today makes it one month and 1 day that I've been menstruating. I use ultra tampons kotex sport, the ones that "blossom". this is the second month I've used them. I have a very heavy, very irregular flow (overweight, hormone imbalance, thick uterine lining...blah blah blah) but it's never lasted this long. I've even been losing weight, so shouldn't it be improving? My regular physician is this tall thin Russian chick who equates all my health problems to my size ( even the stye I got on my eye -_-) So she's no help. She had to have her nurse Wikipedia what medication to use to cure the cholazions on my eye. And my OB/GYN is an old guido looking dude who wears gold chains to work, who also just tells me to lose weight and all my problems will be solved. They are impossible when it comes to answering questions. Always leads back to the same thing. Anywho, so I'm hoping there's some women on here that have had this same question and had better luck with an answer? Why else could my period be this long? It's also been pretty steadily heavy the entire time. I've taken a hiatus from tampons for the day and I'm hoping it improves. Just really disappointed and need some help. My 6th anniversary is this next weekend and I have a huge romantic hotel stay booked and this is definitely going to put a damper on things :/ sorry for rambling.