Loss and heartbreak


I am so heart broken right now just three weeks ago I seen my positive on that little stick I was so happy then four nights ago I pee and wipe and there is blood I start freaking out praying for everything to just be okay it will be okay I go to the er and so it begins they do an ultrasound say they see the thickened uterus and the possible yolk but because I was so early we needed and transvaganal ultrasound I felt alittle relief because they could see something then the doctor tells me that my books work comes back and my hcg is only at five and that at six and a half weeks they should at least be 1500 all I could do was cry and wait I am so heart broken then the doc comes back after ultra sound and says there is no longer a viable sac in my uterus I feel like suck a failure I don’t know how anyone can go thru this I can’t imagine the mommas who got to experience hearing or seeing there baby i am so heart broken