Just here to complain because I am upset and stressed. I have an almost 3 year old and due in 10 days. Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, it was always understood that my parents were going to take my son when I go into labor. They live on our property while they build a house and pay us like $100 for trash and water, but that is besides the point. They never take my son or offer, they come over a couple times a week to see him ot we will have dinner together. Maybe once a month she will take him saturday morning and feed him breakfast (but he usually has to be persistent, she doesn't just offer). Well next weekend they made plans to be gone with friends at a cabin 2 hours away... I will be 4 days away from my due date or be home with a newborn and toddler and need help. I live 40 minutes from a hospital (and the nearest town) and we have a foot of snow, AND my husband works the weekend so I am usually home alone all weekend.

Like I said just want to complain because I just wanted somewhere reliable for my son to go and I have already been preparing him that when mama has the baby he is hanging out with his grandma and papa. I want this to be a good transition for him and not stressful because he has nowhere to go or somewhere he has never been before since I have had a coworker offer to help 🥺