Fiancé has ended things 4 weeks before due date!!!


My fiance has decided he no longer wants to be with me. He says he loves me, sees no positives coming from life without us being together as a family and doesnt want to break up but he feels it needs to be done. What even is that? Hes saying I can stay at the house as long as I like because he'd like me to stay, hes saying im not going to be alone raising our son, well how am I not if im not with him and he wont always be there? I honestly am so heartbroken. I have a son who lives with us who its going to kill too 😔😔 I honestly feel so so low. I was struggling with the bond towards the new baby as I have so much anxiety around it, I love him to bits but just so freaking out and now thats worse. I have no money, no family to go to, nothing... I wish he would have waited just the month and allowed me to enjoy the end of my pregnancy and could have had a supported meaningful labour. Ive now got to decide to either do it on my own or have him there for the birth but I cant see anything past it being full of heartbreak. I just cant imagine being handed a baby into what was meant to be a beautiful home and loving family, when itll actually be a mess still. I dont know what im meant to do now... I know you all don't know me and its a strange thing to put on here I guess but I have no one to vent too and im honestly terrified.