Happy Black History month❤


It's black history month and as shitty as it is we only get 28 days to officially celebrate it im going to drag every last day because we deserve it so in honor of black history month let me introduce you to Lucy, Anarcha, and Betsey these three ladies were test subjects for a racist asshole named j. Marion sims. Lucy, Anarcha,and Betsey were all slaves around 17-18 years old and were forced to go through extreme surgery without anesthesia. None of these ladies gave their consent to Sims nor to their owner that they wanted the surgery. Anarcha was forced to have 30 surgeries without anesthesia, Lucy was sick for months and she almost died. J. Marion sims experimented on these black women because he believed that black people do not feel pain compared to white people and that racist notion is still believed today but it's not about that, it's about Lucy, Anarcha, and Betsy the three women whose bodies among more were broken and dissected only for history to take them out the books only for a white man to claim all the glory, the three women who voices and stories are not taught in classrooms, and the three women who deserves all the credit ❤